Useful Tools

Thonny - Great little IDE for Python.

Nuitka - Very cool Python compiler.

xonsh - Very cool Python shell.

busybox-w32 - BusyBox for Windows.

cmder - Windows console emulator

coggle - Online diagramming application.

anki - Create flash cards.

explain shell - Visually explains shell commands.

shellcheck - Simple online “debugger” for shell scripts.

Diceware password generator - More about Diceware

showterm - Record the terminal and upload for presentation/training.

asciinema - Another great terminal recorder.

pyenv - Easy way to run multiple Python interpreters on a single machine.

tcc - Tiny C Compiler. Small, portable, simple C compiler.

vlc - Excellent media player.

duck duck go - Search engine with privacy by default. - Cool online diagram/chart tool.

firebog - “The Big Blocklist Collection”; one-stop-shop for DNS blocking.

Sublime Text - Superb text editor.

Sublime Merge - Git from the makers of Sublime Text.

gTile - Slick little Gnome extension which enables tiling.

AquaSnap - Excellent tiling window manager.

TidyTabs - Cool tabbed window manager.

Tilix - In my opinion, the best terminal emulator available.

terminus - My all-time favorite font; crisp and clear for any task.

terminal vector

IBM PC fonts

Iosevka - Excellent clean programming font.